USB over Network (Server)

USB over Network (Server) 9.1006

Use USB devices over a local network as if they were connected to your PC
9.1006.3017 (See all)

USB over Network (Server) is the server-side application of USB over Network. Basically, USB over Network is a very innovative server and client suite that allows you to share USB devices with other computers on your home network and the Internet. By installing the server application on your computer, you can share any USB devices connected to it. The computer that you want to use those devices on has to have the client app installed.

USB over Network Server does a great job of detecting USB devices. It lists them all under your computer's name with the description that you would see under the Device Manager in the Control Panel. You can plug new devices and the app will detect them without asking you to restart it. If you want to share a device, you simply need to find it under the list and right-click on it and click on "share". The rest is done through the client app.

USB over Network can be extremely useful for users who need to share USB devices with other computers or for people who are out of USB ports on certain devices. There is a list of common uses for the application on its website.

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